Thursday, December 8, 2011

A brief introduction

The title of this blog comes from the Peter, Paul and Mary song "Right Field"; it seems a better title than "Just a Technophile" since it is more playful (while still being sufficiently self-deprecating) and recognizes that not all the content will be computer-related (it also provides a better url). The "and other fancy stuff" in the description comes from "Puff the Magic Dragon" (and recognizes that what I am enthusiastic about may be as odd to most people as what a little boy finds 'fancy' compared to an adult--I also thought it somewhat clever!).

The content of this blog is expected to have a heavy emphasis on computer architecture, but I expect to post a few thoughts on Christianity and other topics. I hope to encourage myself to write more freely here than I might on the comp.arch USENET group or the Real World Technologies forum (or elsewhere), particularly in posting raw ideas and, of course, thoughts that would be off-topic in those fora.

[Edit: I forgot to mention that "out of right field" in the description is intentional--not only referring to the song but also indicating that my comments may be even odder than those from "out of left field", perhaps even with a hint that they may sometimes be correct ("right")--"and the baseball falls into my glove".]

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