Thursday, December 8, 2011

A small thought on the Trinity

Although I have heard expressed the recognition that the Trinitarian nature of God is an essential aspect of God's self-sufficiency in love (i.e., God must express the inter-personal character of love in God's own being), but I have not heard anyone indicating that the begetting of the Son might be a necessary aspect of God as Creator. My thinking in this is that even the creative act (causing to be a non-self which expresses the character of oneself) 'must' have an analogous aspect within the Divine nature both from the necessity of self-sufficiency and from a causal aspect (one's actions reflect one's nature, so even the act of creation itself 'should' have an analogue in the Divine nature).

While this is not a great insight (even if true), it does seem to show forth a certain beauty (which hints that there is some truth in the concept). Not only does such seem to express a rich integration within the Divine nature but it also makes creation (the act and the being) a mysterious and wonderful analogue of the love of God begetting the Son.

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